Sell Your Motorhome

How to sell your motorhome?

We are always looking for new and varied motorhome stock and we are happy to talk to you about selling your motorhome at any time of year.

Here at Family Travel Centre we offer 3 ways to sell your current motorhome; each of these will depend on your own circumstances and whether we can agree the all important numbers with you.

Option one: Part Exchange

If you are looking to change your motorhome for a newer model or different layout, part exchange could be the best option for you if you have you seen your perfect replacement motorhome on our web site or showroom.  We are happy to consider most vehicles in part exchange whether it is; a motorhome, caravan, car, motorbike or even a boat!

In order to give you the best possible price for your part exchange we will need to gather some details of the vehicle, ideally with a visual inspection or alternatively using our Part Exchange Self-Assessment Form.  If you are happy with all the details the we will start the ball rolling to get you off on your travels as soon as possible. Yes it is that simple!

What are the benefits of part exchange?
•    It’s quick and easy for you.
•    No hassle on selling you own vehicle.
•    Reduces the cost to change to your perfect new motorhome.

Option Two: Brokerage

If you are looking to sell your motorhome but don’t want the hassle of dealing with people’s questions, people not turning up for viewings or people who do turn up to simply kick the tyres, then our Brokerage Scheme could be ideal for you.

We don’t sell on a percentage commission, we prefer to give you a guaranteed return figure right at the start of the process.  This is the figure that we will return to you on the successful sale of your motorhome.  We will then advertise your vehicle at a higher price and we will manage the process from there on in.

What are the benefits of our Brokerage Scheme?
•    You have the security and assurance of a pre-agreed return. 
•    No Risk. Your motorhome is displayed at our premises but YOU remain the owner of the motorhome until the vehicle is sold.
•    Immediate Space Available. Bring your motorhome to us straight away or we can offer a free collection service, whichever is easiest for you.
•    Hassle Free.  Selling privately normally means that you need a cash buyer to complete the sale.  As a dealership we have the ability to take a part exchange or arrange finance if required.

Option three: Cash Purchase

If you are simply trying to sell your motorhome and speed is off the essence, then a straight cash purchase may suit you best.

We have cash available and, once we have inspected your vehicle, we can agree a sales price with you whilst you wait.

What are the benefits for you ?
•    Quick, Easy and Immediate access to funds.
•    We can settle any outstanding finance on your behalf

To find out a bit more about these options then please contact our Sales Team on 0117 214 0004, make an enquiry via our website  or just come in and see us, the kettle is always on!  


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